Special Images from the Archives

A Stormy Four-Month Period in the Pacific Northwest (October 1, 2006 - January 31, 2007)
Long-time CRWS user David Laing, who lives in western Washington state, saved and animated a four-month sequence of California Regional Weather Server composite sea-level pressure and IR satellite image maps for the eastern Pacific/western U.S., at 6-hour intervals spanning the period from October 1, 2006 through January 31, 2007. This period was particularly stormy in the Pacific Northwest and damage to life and property was considerable, particularly during the storm of December 14-15, 2006. David in particular lost his outdoor patio shelter and roof, which in part inspired him to construct this animation.

(The animation is in MP4 format. The size of the animation file is nearly 10 MB, so download with discretion!)

Catalina Eddy (October 13, 1995)
A counterclockwise swirl, vortex or eddy in the lower atmosphere south of Point Conception, that forms off the southern California coast. This spectacular but benign eddy is made visible by the pattern of fog and low stratus clouds in the cool marine air that is pulled into the eddy from the south along the coast.

Forest Fire at Pt. Reyes, CA (October 4, 1995)
A plume of smoke extending southwest, offshore from Pt. Reyes, CA, during a destructive forest fire there.